Model Satisfaction Girl gallery. Part 1.

"Behind the scene" photos, in fact preparation for the final photos with garland.

IMG_3248.jpg IMG_3250.jpg IMG_3251.jpg IMG_3252.jpg IMG_3253.jpg
IMG_3254.jpg IMG_3255.jpg      

Final photos with garland.

IMG_3257.jpg IMG_3260.jpg IMG_3266.jpg IMG_3267.jpg IMG_3272.jpg
IMG_3273.jpg IMG_3274.jpg IMG_3275.jpg IMG_3276.jpg IMG_3277.jpg

Small clip from the same set.
NB! Due to non-standard size of this video I could not use usual codec DivX, so I use codec Indeo video 5.10

Another one variation: pretty feet decorated with garland.

IMG_3386.jpg IMG_3387.jpg IMG_3389.jpg    

Small clip from the same set.

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