Model Gatitta gallery. Part 1.

Gatitta gets the Magic Bondage crossword (something like Jumanji game) and tries to solve it. In the beginning she does not guess all magic power of this crossword...

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First keyword is "secretary". Gatitta wrote it and got the "secretary uniform"...

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Then the keyword is "cleavegag". Gatitta solved this word and get the silk scarf gag...

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IMG_0594.jpg IMG_0596.jpg      

Next keyword is "crotchrope". Gatitta wrote this word and got such rope...

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IMG_0602.jpg IMG_0603.jpg      

Then the keyword is "ballgag". Gatitta solved it and her cleavegag changed into the ballgag. She already realized the power of this crossword, but like for Jumanji game the only chance to finish it — is completely solved crossword...

IMG_0604.jpg IMG_0605.jpg IMG_0606.jpg IMG_0607.jpg IMG_0608.jpg

Next keyword is "bitgag" and her gag is changing one more time...

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Then the keyword is "handcuffs" and Gatitta found her hands cuffed in front of her. To solve crossword in such position is not comfortable, but she keeps trying...

IMG_0616.jpg IMG_0617.jpg IMG_0618.jpg IMG_0619.jpg IMG_0620.jpg
IMG_0621.jpg IMG_0622.jpg      

Next keyword is "hogtie" and Gatitta found herself hogcuffed. To solve crossword is near to impossible, but she tries to do her best...

IMG_0623.jpg IMG_0624.jpg IMG_0625.jpg IMG_0626.jpg IMG_0627.jpg
IMG_0628.jpg IMG_0629.jpg      

As the result she make the fatal mistake and wrote the keyword "blindfold". Gatitta got the blindfold and can't continue solving the crossword. So she is just futile struggling in her bonds...

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And fullsized clip, that showing this story step by step.

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